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Vulcan studios

Our live room is approx 6m x 4m. Its here that we do all the loud stuff! Drums, guitars and basses are all tracked here. There's also a large window through to the control room for visual communication whilst tracking. We are in the process of designing and building a dedicated vocal booth adjacent to the control room.

vulcan studios vulcan recording studios liverpool
vulcan studios vulcan recording studios liverpool

The control room

The live room

vulcan studios vulcan recording studios liverpool

The live room

Our vintage Studiomaster 16-8-2 mixer routes the audio into the computer via an M-Audio Delta1010 interface. 
We have quite a diverse collection of microphones. Sure SM57s and SM58s, SE electronics large and small condensers, Audio Technica PRO25, T-BONE SC300 condenser, AVSL pencil condensers, Takstar pencil condensers, Behringer dynamics and various obscure weird and wonderful dynamics.
Monitoring is by our vintage Mission 720 speakers. They are a large 3 way, sealed enclosure design. 
We have Berhinger compressors, Alesis compressors and reverbs, Dramer gates and various custom built processors.
Our main recording software is Seinberg Cubase. Steinberg Wavelab is also used for fine editing and mastering.
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